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Home Contents Insurance Explained

Home Contents Insurance ExplainedWhat is Home Contents Insurance?

Home contents insurance is a form of insurance, which covers only the movable contents of a residence or place of business. Home contents insurance does not cover the framework or tangible components of the building, only the things inside of it, including all furniture, clothing, electronics and so forth.

Home contents insurance is sold alongside or coupled with property insurance; this relationship is held separately when compared to generic forms of contents insurance, which is offered as a standalone product for renters who wish to insure the contents of their dwellings and business owners who do not own the building in which they operate. Both forms of contents insurance, whether it is for a renter of a building or a homeowner, represent numerous benefits, especially when considering the exorbitant costs associated with replacing valuable possessions.

Home contents insurance is purchased—typically alongside property insurance as stated earlier—to protect an individual’s possessions, appliances and personal goods from catastrophic disasters, such as floods, fires and other cataclysmic events.

A home contents insurance policy, when added to a homeowner’s insurance bundle, will offer reimbursement or replacement goods, when possessions within the home are damaged as a result of the aforementioned tragedies. That being said, the specifics, and meaning to what extent the home contents insurance provide replacement or reimbursement and the goods covered, will waiver from policy to policy. In total, however, home contents insurance represents valuable coverage against unpredictable and unpreventable disasters.

What is the Cost of Home Contents Insurance and what does it cover?

The cost of home contents insurance varies, depending on the value of the policy’s contents, the area of the holder and the insurance agency offering the policy. In general, home contents insurance is fairly cheap (the price is hardly realized for it is coupled into the broader homeowner’s insurance package) and typically provided at a discounted rate as a complimentary or incentive-based product.

Although home contents insurance is reasonably priced, the extent of coverage is somewhat weak. Buyers must understand that their home contents insurance, depending on the policy, may not cover some of their more expensive or precious possessions, such as jewelry, works of art and other high value items. In most cases, items that hold a significant value, are considered rare or classical, will require a special form of insurance that specifically covers such products.