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Hazard Insurance Protection

Hazard Insurance ProtectionWhat is Hazard Insurance?

Hazard insurance is a type of insurance that protects a property or home owner against excessive damage precipitated by fires, severe weather patterns, tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural occurrences. So long as the specific event is covered within the respective policy, the property owner and holder of the hazard insurance plan will receive compensation to cover the cost of any damage incurred. In most instances, a property owner will be required to pay a year’s worth of premiums at the time of closing on a home or property, but this will depend on the specific details of the hazard insurance policy.

What does Hazard Insurance Protect Against?

A traditional or generic hazard insurance policy typically will not cover all events that can bring significant damage to an individual’s property or residence. The events covered in your specific plan will fluctuate depending on where you live; in general, a provider of hazard insurance will not cover specific threats if you live in a danger zone for such a threat. For example, Florida is extremely prone to hurricanes and is, as a result, considered a high risk for hazard insurance.

The provider of the insurance company aims to limit their exposure, meaning limit the amount of payable claims awarded, by choosing to insure only those candidates who would need protection against unpredictable risk. If a homeowner lives in a high-risk area, for any sort of natural disaster, he or she would most likely need to file a separate policy—such as a hurricane policy (using the Florida example) or a flood insurance policy.

Given the fluctuations, regarding what is covered, from policy to policy and based on location to location, it is crucial to understand what types of events your hazard insurance protects against. Additionally, it is also important to evaluate where your house is located and what threats are likely to bring damage to your residence. In most areas, hazard insurance is sold when the mortgage is finalized; financial institutions typically require new home purchasers to obtain hazard insurance or homeowner’s insurance to mitigate their risk concerning a natural disaster.